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Half-Wall Urn


Personalized Urn.Underglaze technique with Organic paints.

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This unique personalized urn dedicated for the honour of him by his wife to her husband last August when they turn their 47 years Anniversary of marriage.

This Urn represents to ”reclaim wildness and remembering the roots”

”His strong passion was being in nature,” She said.”He was proud of the times when he spends with his dad when he is 15 years old, was spending his hours and hours before going fishing with his poles.


Just as like as his image in our mind, his childhood, youth and adulthood illustrated in a composition with the famous colours of him.


Again made with traditional ‘’ Under Glaze’’ Technique with organic powder paints. Cooked with 800 Centigrade Degrees Special Ovens for a 12 Hours

It is 75×105 cm (23×35 Inches)with walnut wood frame.

Approximately 20 kg without packing


Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 75 × 45 × 105 cm


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