A mosaic is a piece of art that is composed of many tiny pieces of glass,tile or stones. To make a decorative object into a mosaic, you can tile the surface, much like you would a backsplash. From afar, mosaic art glistens with an impressive array of colors and patterns. Up close, the intricacies involved are unveiled, and you can see how much time and effort must have gone into creating the artwork.

To be a prolific mosaic artist, you must exhibit patience and particular attention to detail that allows you to see the whole broken up into small shapes and colors. However, you don’t need to be a skilled artisan to try your hand at this ancient craft. Some basic knowledge will help you lay the groundwork for your mosaic masterpiece.

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Please stay in touch forour mosaic workshop for 2022 calender.
Location The Stonegrove Community Center


17 December 2021