Fundementally taking an art workshop is different than taking an art class. Typically, an art class is what you take to learn your medium, to learn to handle it. As a painter or marbling artis art classes are where you learn about brushes, paints, mediums, strokes, how to prepare your surface, how to paint, how to take care of your tools. A workshop, on the other hand, is where you learn a particular artist’s methods. The artist teaching a workshop assumes you come already knowing how to handle your medium. Sometimes, a workshop is designated as being for the intermediate or advanced artist whereas classes are more likely to be geared for the beginner. Students are expected to self select themselves. Experienced artists in beginner classes are likely to grow bored or become impatient. Novices in workshops with more advanced painters are likely to slow the class down, need more time from the teacher, or become overwhelmed.
We test and classify our student according their skills and experiences so that all group can for in harmony and complate mission’s outcome